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Utility and Industrial

Caruso Engineering’s staff has extensive experience managing and executing major civil works project, each with large structural design scope, for industrial facilities and utility owners around the world. These clients include regional water/wastewater utilities, transportation authorities, port authorities, and others. 

Industrial / Utility clients often have highly “customized” structures with unusual loading conditions, difficult construction conditions (ie., underground or in tight spaces), and special durability requirements arising from corrosive chemical exposure or other environmental attack. Caruso Engineering is well versed in high performance concrete structures and unorthodox steel framing configurations and can confidently develop these designs to be both cost effective and constructable. 

Caruso Engineering is also highly competent in underground construction work, including design of shaft and tunnel linings, temporary works, support of excavation structures, and trenchless construction methods. Industrial facility and utility owners can rely on our staff’s extensive experience planning and executing underground infrastructure projects to ensure risks are being identified and managed throughout design and construction. We can also assist underground and heavy civil contractors with temporary works and provide designs that are optimized around preferred construction methods and materials. 

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