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Caruso Engineering's Founder, Christopher Caruso PE, is an experienced veteran of the underground construction industry. He has worked for over 13 years as a structural designer for a wide variety of underground structures, including large diameter shafts (>50ft ID) and tunnels (>25ft ID), deep excavation systems, initial support for tunnels and temporary works designs, and tie-ins / retrofits of existing structures. He is also an experienced project manager, having successfully led major structural design tasks and entire design teams on large-scale civil works projects around the world.

Caruso Engineering is also proficient in implementation of 3D BIM delivery for civil infrastructure projects utilizing Autodesk Civil 3D, Revit, BIM360, and GIS. We understand that BIM technologies are constantly improving but have yet to fully eclipse traditional 2D workflows completely. We are skilled at finding this balance for optimal project delivery.

Consulting Services Offered

  • Design of tunnel and shaft linings.

  • Structural analysis of underground structures.

  • Structural durability and service life prediction.

  • Design of excavation support systems.

  • Design of temporary works for tunneling, mining, and heavy civil operations.

  • Peer review of design or construction plans.

  • Feasibility studies and alternatives evaluations.

  • CADD/BIM for underground projects ​.

  • Project management and project planning.

  • Alternative project delivery, including Design-Build and CMAR.

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